Rise Above The Ashes Around Yo


The greatest high in life is when you fall in love. Love, well you cannot snatch it, lock it or create it. It should come from within you. Being in love is an experience and only if you go through it you will know the intricacies of it. You feel your best when you are in loveyou find limited. Love is a process where your brain has taken a backseat and your heart is working overtime1.
Love is not just a four-letter word, but it's a totally different feeling, which takes your entire body, soul and mind to altogether a different world. Love can neither be created nor destroyedyou find limited. It passes from one person to another. The total amount of love in the universe always increases and never remains2 constant.
I like any normal human being have had a lot of crushes from my childhood. How often do we use the word crush? All the feelings and thoughts are dumped into it, if we make no further progress with our infatuation. This happens not only for the fear of rejection3dermes, but also because many of us fail to approach. If this ego4 had disappeared, probably a quarter of us would have been in a love relationship with our crush.